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Perfect Sense was formed to reinvent the way we enjoy the world around us through the application of the “Five Sense” i.e to see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Too often, the importance of including the stimulation of the senses into our everyday lives is ignored and overlooked. At Perfect Sense, we understand the true value of the five senses and the benefits it can bring to your physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, as shopping is of fundamental importance to our daily lives, what better way to utilise your senses than through this pursuit to help you manage your daily routines and lifestyle effectively.

In 2014, Lyn Johnson, our founder, set out with a mission to encourage every individual to appreciate, and engage the senses into every aspect of the way they shop, thereby creating a new discovery of shopping environment and experience that is inclusive, holistic and wholesome. This idea was then transformed into a concept to address a wide range of sensory deficiency taking into consideration the uniqueness of individual ability, needs, and circumstances.

The Founder has had many years of working and interacting with people with diverse range of disability and other health conditions, specifically those with learning disability. This has allowed her to see that things like shopping which can generally be taken for granted can for others create exclusion in the way they are allowed to enjoy the world and their environment. At Perfect Sense, our aim is to empower you to develop and attend to your senses, under one roof; with the potential to enhance and improve your life.

Perfect Sense is a new and growing retail venture selling a range of education, sensory and disability aids, novelty and gift products bringing together the simplicity of senses for all in an innovative and unconventional way. By incorporating colour, fragrance, different textures, taste and sounds into our product range, we invite you to awaken your mind, body and soul to the beauty of the senses.

Our range of products has been specially selected from quality suppliers for its benefits to suit different needs in modern life, with plenty to offer to both young and old, to suit different event and occasions. The toys and disability aids educate and stimulate, while the sensory and novelty products invigorate and re-centre the senses. We are devoted to offering high quality, unique and innovative products and making them available on the High Street at an affordable price.

Stimulate your senses and enjoy new and extraordinary discoveries...

With Blessings,

Lyn Johnson

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